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This four-pin female XLR output jack supplies power to a separately.Yamaha QL1 Digital Mixing Console with 32 Mono + 8. The Yamaha QL1 is a digital mixing console with. and dual MY expansion slots that allow processing.

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expansion slot in the rear of Yamaha’s digital consoles. LS9-16 Digital Mixing Console 1 16 channels per slot LS9-32 Digital Mixing Console 2 16 channels per slot.

Yamaha Mini-YGDAI cards LS9-32 has 2 Mini-YGDAI card slots, the LS9-16 has one. Each slot offers up to 16 I/O channels,.So you could theoretically use an X32 console as your monitor console and have that feed your LS9 via Dante. but.

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Ipad app for the yamaha ls9-16 and ls9-32 digital mixing consoles (24 pages).

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The nice thing about this approach is you can start with 1 or 2 and then proceed from there if the strategy really works out well for you.As long as you have access to enough snake return channels, you might solve your problem in this manner.

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Buy Yamaha TF5 32 Channel Digital Mixer:. TF5 32 Channel Digital Mixer. The Yamaha TF series Digital. a USB storage device 1 expansion slot for NV64-D.View and Download Yamaha M7CL owner's manual. Before you install I/O cards in slots 1–3, you must check the Yamaha website to determine whether the card is.

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This gives you that 16 channel Ultranet output for your LS9 that i was referencing above.

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For you to get remote monitor mixing and a digital snake, your LS9 is never going to cut the mustard, and will cost you a packet.Yamaha LS9 Digital Mixers LS9-16 LS9-32 I/O Analogue InputsAnalogue Inputs 16 32 16 32. YGDAI Card Slots 1 2 Direct Outs yes yes.

Yamaha LS9 Digital Mixing Console. while the LS9-16 has 8. For easy expansion the LS9-32 has two Mini-YGDAI cards slots, and the LS9-16 has a single slot.The rear panel provides one slot (LS9-16) or two slots. – Yamaha Selected Channel interface allows. Be the first to review “Yamaha LS9-32” Cancel reply.The 32 channels that are normally fed by the xlr input ports will be mirrored on channels 33-64, sharing only the HEAD AMP section (preamp gain, phantom power, signal polarity).Dante network protocol and a large selection of compatible products are. A Dante-MY16-AUD card plugged into the expansion slot makes M7CL and LS9. Yamaha Music.Buy the Yamaha WE92420R Memory Card Slot Plate Screw at Full Compass. Screw for the memory card slot plate on these Yamaha mixers: M7CL01V96LS9-16LS9-32QL5 For.The Digital Matrix September 11, 2008 /. Yamaha LS9. This board is. Though the LS9 only has 16 Omni outs, you can add additional outputs using the MY-Card slots.

LS9-16; Outline; Mixing capability. Expansion slots: 2x Mini-YGDAI (16-in/16-out);. Yamaha Music Foundation of Europe.

Yamaha LS9 Mixer. Large ‘studio’ sized mixer with multiple channels. Features; Specification;. Mini-YGDAI (16-in/16-out); Possible to remote HA gain via slot.

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So for these reasons, sticking with the LS9 as your preferred console but replacing your copper snake with a digital one is unfortunately more costly and complicated than it probably should be.Displayed objects, icons and value curves support intuitive operation.Manuals Brands Yamaha Manuals Music Mixer LS9 Editor Quick reference Yamaha LS9 Quick Reference Digital mixing console.

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Quote from: brian maddox on November 05, 2017, 03:45:06 pm Everything the others wrote on this thread was absolutely correct and good advice.Yamaha Europes online resource for. The SB168-ES is an affordable 3U-size stage box that utilizes EtherSound technology to. via Slot: LS9-16: 1: via Slot.We want to update into something with a little more independent control than my current monitor set up, which is just 4 separate monitor mixes running through wedges.I have a yamaha LS9-16 with the MY16 AT card in it. and select the source as the slot input you're using for the feed from the 002.